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History of The Bent County-Las Animas Cemetery District

The Cemetery has been a burial space for over one hundred sixty years.


For many years, volunteers of the community prepared a burial space for their loved ones and friends. 


The City Council of Las Animas assumed the responsibility of the cemetery. 


Mayor Frank E. Woods and Frank Vandiver, City Councilman, in 1947, became concerned what the city property owners were assuming the responsibility of the operations.


A movement was started to form a District so the cost would be shared over a large base of taxpayers. 


Charles Hassinger, a former Mayor and business leader, was of the same opinion and volunteered to prepare and get a signed petition to form a District. This resulted in the formation of the Bent County-Las Animas Cemetery District. 

Two other Cemetery districts were formed for the balance of the county, McClave and Hasty Cemetery Districts. Mill levies were placed in effect for the needs of each District. The Limit is now set at four miles assessed valuation by the Colorado Legislature. In 1991 taxpayers approved a 2 mile increase. 

The Bent County-Las Animas Cemetery District has 40 acres now being used.  
        a. 7 1/2 acre tract of land toward the east is dedication for future use. 
        b. 1 Acre to the north is used for water storage for the Cemetery
        c. Storage areas and repair shop for the equipment is also on the grounds. 


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